Sunday, July 22, 2007

Me Simpsonized

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good Time to Carry Cash

There is a pretty massive FiberNet outage this morning that is affecting the entire state. As well as many businesses being without phone and internet, many people are going to be out of luck when they try to pay for lunch or gas with a credit or a checking card, as I found out first-hand this morning when I went to IntaJuice.

Monday, July 09, 2007

East End Wi-Fi

The Charleston Area Alliance, East End Main Street and the governor’s office have scheduled a news conference for this afternoon to announce a state and city plan for Wi-Fi in Charleston's East End.

The Charleston Area Alliance blog has posts here and here. The plan to offer free Wi-Fi for the East End and they are looking for vendors.
Charleston, W.Va. – Representatives from East End Main Street (EEMS) announced today their plans to provide the entire East End neighborhood with free Wi-Fi service for the next three years. Today, EEMS sent out their request for proposal (RFP) to vendors for submission of bids and plans for this project.

The implementation of this project would offer free wireless internet service to approximately 12,000 residents, more than 200 businesses, and visitors to the East End area. The coverage area will include the 35th Street Bridge to the east, Leon Sullivan Way to the west, the Kanawha Boulevard to the south and Piedmont Road to the north; totaling an area just short of one square mile. This is believed to be the largest planned, free Wi-Fi zone in the state of West Virginia.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sad News - Jessco and Norma Jean has spilt again

The Charleston Daily Mail reports: Jesco and Norma Jean are splitsville -- again

Both Jessco and Norma Jean's autographs hang on my wall. I had to spell Bill for him. I got them at the at a event to watch Jessco on Roseanne. Sadly Jesso's appearance ended up on the cutting room floor. He only appeared at the end dancing on the porch. This was all documented in Jacob Young's Dancing Outlaw 2: Jesco goes to Hollywood

I've owned at least four copies of Dancing Outlaw, but they were all loaned to friends and never returned. At this point I'm not sure who has them. I need to get a copy on DVD anyway. I think I'll check Netflix.

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