Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Truly Disappointed

I have to say I'm rather disappointed by the "big announcements" today from Apple. While the Intel-powered Mac Minis are pretty cool, the iPod speaker-docking station, and the leather case for iPod is rather lame.

Seems Apple figured out there is some money to be made in ipod accessories: something Belkin, Bose, and other figured out long ago.

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WV Politics and RSS

Bob Coffield: "How powerful is RSS? Powerful enough to overcome traditional political boundaries in West Virginia."

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theGAZZ Offline

Douglas Imbrogno, thegazz.com editor, announced today that Thegazz.com's website will go offline tomorrow from 6 a.m. to noon so they can make some technical changes and additions.

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On airports that ban the use of their outlets

Cory Doctorow: "...airports that sell WiFi without providing the electricty to use it are like coffee-shops without toilets."

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Monday, February 27, 2006

New Blog in the Blogroll

I've added Saved by the Torso to the blogroll. Sorry for the oversight.

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Apple's secret plan?

MacRumors.com points out that Apple purchased a Tier IV data center, "What Apple plans to do with the Data Center remains up for speculation." It wasn't cheap. Apple is reported to paid $45M to $50M.

We'll see tomorrow if this is part of Apple's plan to bring movie downloads to iTunes, but it might be that Apple needs the data center for more boring reasons, such as hosting it's websites, hosting iTunes music and TV shows, or hosting financial transactions like all that credit card data processing that gets put into iTunes.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

CAB3 Reminder

CAB3 is coming up this coming Friday, March 3rd, at 8:00 a.m., at Taylor Books. We had much fun at CAB1 and CAB2.

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Test Post

I'm testing MarsEdit (sorry guys it's OS X only). So far it looks great, and it does Technorati tags too.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Karl Rove's in Town

Raging Red notes Karl Rove's in Town. Bush's brain is a special guest of the Republican's Lincoln Day Dinner at the Charleston Civic Center.

The long, strange story of Tom McGee

By now most of you have heard the story of how Tom McGee has asked to leave or was escorted out of of the building by police over at WHCP-TV. Hippie Killer over at Fifth Column points to a couple of Tom McGee resources I didn't know about: Tom McGee's MySpace page and WHCP-TV's Wikipeidia entry.

Primalscreamx over at the GAZZ blog Grossly Underpaid also has coverage.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sam's new pharmacy?

The Medicine Shoppe downtown closed earlier this month. (I’ve look for but can’t find the story). Many downtown workers and residents have missed the convenience of a pharmacy within walking distance.

The good news is I ran into pharmacist Sam Andriko, and he is in the process of opening a new location. He had his eye on the Shonk building at the corner of Summers and Lee, and some sort of construction activity began at that location in the past couple of weeks.

I can’t confirm the activity is for a new pharmacy, but it would appear Sam is on the road to opening at some point in the near future.

Update: There's a sign on the front door of the Shonk Building announcing a Fruth pharmacy is coming soon.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


William Safire takes on blogger jargon.

WV bloggers round-up

Here is a round-up of things from West Virginia bloggers I missed blogging last week.

4haks has moved. Stacey's new blog can be found at Stacey's Blog

Spike Nesmith at BLOG! the musical* says he's not gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that...

Bob Coffield at Health Care Law Blog is still coming down from the high of hosting Blawg Review #44.

WV Hot Dog Blog reviewed The Grill and Blues BBQ in the last couple of weeks.

Thuros is changing jobs.

There has been a flurry of activity over at Tinfoil Hats and Rock-n-Roll after a dry spell.

The spinster girl's guide to love talks about the joy of being a nerd.

Raging red puts the seven songs meme to some bloggers.

Sorry for the lack of blogging

I’m sorry I haven’t been around much. The last couple of weeks have been very stressful and I haven’t felt like blogging.

I also managed to forget my father’s birthday. Happy birthday dad.

In other news I’m getting engaged. The ring should be here on Monday. She picked it out, and I ordered it last week. While many people don’t like to order high value items off the internet, it was the right ring, and it was the right price.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wrestlin' memories

Charleston Daily Mail: Violent, but full of Love - Before the WWF or WWE or whatever it's called today, we had "Saturday Night Wrestlin'". I never missed a Saturday night of live wrestlin from Beckley. The host, Shirley Love is now a Democratic state senator from Fayette County.

The story says it came on at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night. I recall it aired at 11:30 p.m. after the local news. Love, who was then also the news anchor at WOAY-TV would have to run across the street after during the commercial break in order to be in place for his hosting duties.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Health Care Law Blog: Blawg Review #44

Blawg Review #44 is up over at Bob Coffield's Health Care Law Blog. Bob did a good job. I'm thinking about hosting Blawg Review over at Law Firm IT sometime this year, if they will have me.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Another Charleston area blogger: Saved By The Torso

Blawg Review: Health Care Law Bob

Blawg Review has an Q&A with CAB blogger Bob Coffield of Health Care Law Blog. Bob will be hosting Blawg Review #44. I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait to see what Bob has up his sleeve.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

McCloy update

Anna McCloy reports her husband, Randal McCloy Jr., has spoken a few words. In other news, she is has sued her brother-in-law for taking and selling pictures of her then-comatose husband to The National Enquirer.

The latest in the case of First Lt. William "Eddie" Rebrook and the $650 mess

For those of you who don't know the story, Rebrook, the son of local Charleston lawyer Ed Rebrook and a graduate of George Washington High School was bill $650 by he Army for 18 items that he was issued before going to Iraq. Rebrook was wounded and the equipment was damaged. Stories that ran in the Charleston Gazette made their way to Washington and the issue was raised to to question top military leaders, including Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.by Sen. Robert Byrd.

Now the $650 paid by Rebrook for the items will be refunded to Rebrook, the Army said yesterday. They also said he would have not have been billed for the items if he has filled out a couple of forms.

But Rebrook will not get all his money back:
“We’re not sure what led him to the decision to pay for it as opposed to going back and getting things documented,” said Lt. Col. Scott R. Bleichwehl, a public affairs officer with the 17,000-soldier First Calvary Division at Fort Hood. “But regardless, we’re still going to do what’s right by him and rectify the situation.”

Accounting for depreciation, the Army plans to send Rebrook a $410 check to reimburse him for a Kevlar vest, plus additional money for a canteen pouch that was attached to the vest.
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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My wish list for CAB 3 and other odd and ends

My grandmother passed away earlier this week so I haven't felt much like blogging.

CAB 3 is coming up soon. I have a few wishes for CAB 3. I’d like to see more Charleston bloggers who have wanted to come in the past, but haven’t made it yet. Two examples are Don Surber and Skip Lineberg. Skip has a stable of bloggers over at Maple Creative that it would be nice to meet.

Sharon S. says she plans to attend, so it looks like there will be at least one girl there. We need to look less like the AV club. I’m not sure there will be many suits this time, but Wil Stewart always comes though. I think he is running for best-dressed man in Charleston.

I’ve promised Robin S. that I would start downloading his WOW updates for him. He is on dial-up at home and is suffering from what we IT guys call a small pipe. Robin S was at CAB 2. I hope he can make it to CAB3.

While Dave Peyton is from Huntington, we read his columns here in Charleston. That makes him a Charleston area blogger in my book. I’m not sure he and Surber are allowed in the same room at one time.

Dave and Don aren’t the only old media types blogging now. It would be nice to see some of the folks from the GAZZ. It would be nice to see the Gazz Editor, Karin Fuller, primalscreamx, and the rest of the Gazz crew drop by for a visit.

I’m sure Bob Coffield will be there. Bob coined CAB, so you can blame him. Bob also coined the term dogger to describe hot dog bloggers. Bob is hosting Blawg Review #44 next week. I was going to give him a hand, but a lack of time got in the way. I’m sure Bob will do a great job.

Rick Lee
is another regular that I hope to see at CAB 3. Rick was the first to float the idea of a regular informal area blogger meet-up. Rick also does an excellent job of being CAB’s unofficial photographer. We would make it official but since we have no organization, no officers, and never take any votes, I guess he is just going to have to settle with being a professional photographer.

It was great to meet Scott Mitchell at the last CAB. I hope he can get Amber Dawn to come with him for CAB 3.

missed CAB 2, but he did make it to the first CAB. Hope to see you at CAB 3 Stacey.

It would be nice to see Brendan at the next CAB. I've met Brendan before, but the rest of CAB hasn't. Brendan has some podcasting experience that we could all benefit from.

This has turned into a long post. I could go though the blogroll and write something about everyone, but I think I’ll leave it alone for now.

If you can come to CAB 3, please do.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Time to start planning CAB3

Stacey has proposed a time and date for CAB3 (it's near the bottom of the comments). Rick Lee and Sharon S. have confirmed so far. I plan on being there as well, and have send a note to Bob to let him now the proposed date and time.

Will Stewart
has his CAB2 pictures up.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

craigslist: west virginia

I've been waiting for this for a long time: craigslist for west virginia.

Thank you to Scott Mitchell at Entropy blog

Scott Mitchell, aka of Entropy, who gave me a personal tour of the Sharon S art showing at N Harmony after CAB2. Great stuff Sharon. I wish I had the money to buy it all.

I posted about Sharon's art exhibit before here and here.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

'Lost' star signed to Marshall plane crash movie

The Huntington Herald-Dispatch is reporting Matthew Fox, one of the stars of 'Lost', has been signed to play Red Dawson in the still untitled Marshall plane crash movie.


WV Hot Dog Blog has a new post today on Whitey's Sandwich Shop and Huskey's Dairy Bar. Bob Coffield at Health Care Law Blog has coined a new word for hot dog bloggers: "doggers". I think it will stick Bob.

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CAB 2 pictures from Rick Lee

Rick Lee has posted pictures from CAB2. I'm the guy on the right in the first picture.


Robin S. at One Stack Mind has posted a CAB2 After Action Report. For the record my name is Bill Gardner. I use my old school hacker name here and on my other blog.

WV Governor closes state coal mines for safety checks

CNN.com - Governor asks coal mines to stop production: Gov. Joe Manchin has called for a temporary stop to West Virginia coal production after two fatal accidents in Boone County today.

Update: John Cole points to updated stories, and MShane has pictures from the Governor's press conference.

Update 2: Timeline of recent mine accidents
Rockefeller, Rahall comments