Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My wish list for CAB 3 and other odd and ends

My grandmother passed away earlier this week so I haven't felt much like blogging.

CAB 3 is coming up soon. I have a few wishes for CAB 3. I’d like to see more Charleston bloggers who have wanted to come in the past, but haven’t made it yet. Two examples are Don Surber and Skip Lineberg. Skip has a stable of bloggers over at Maple Creative that it would be nice to meet.

Sharon S. says she plans to attend, so it looks like there will be at least one girl there. We need to look less like the AV club. I’m not sure there will be many suits this time, but Wil Stewart always comes though. I think he is running for best-dressed man in Charleston.

I’ve promised Robin S. that I would start downloading his WOW updates for him. He is on dial-up at home and is suffering from what we IT guys call a small pipe. Robin S was at CAB 2. I hope he can make it to CAB3.

While Dave Peyton is from Huntington, we read his columns here in Charleston. That makes him a Charleston area blogger in my book. I’m not sure he and Surber are allowed in the same room at one time.

Dave and Don aren’t the only old media types blogging now. It would be nice to see some of the folks from the GAZZ. It would be nice to see the Gazz Editor, Karin Fuller, primalscreamx, and the rest of the Gazz crew drop by for a visit.

I’m sure Bob Coffield will be there. Bob coined CAB, so you can blame him. Bob also coined the term dogger to describe hot dog bloggers. Bob is hosting Blawg Review #44 next week. I was going to give him a hand, but a lack of time got in the way. I’m sure Bob will do a great job.

Rick Lee
is another regular that I hope to see at CAB 3. Rick was the first to float the idea of a regular informal area blogger meet-up. Rick also does an excellent job of being CAB’s unofficial photographer. We would make it official but since we have no organization, no officers, and never take any votes, I guess he is just going to have to settle with being a professional photographer.

It was great to meet Scott Mitchell at the last CAB. I hope he can get Amber Dawn to come with him for CAB 3.

missed CAB 2, but he did make it to the first CAB. Hope to see you at CAB 3 Stacey.

It would be nice to see Brendan at the next CAB. I've met Brendan before, but the rest of CAB hasn't. Brendan has some podcasting experience that we could all benefit from.

This has turned into a long post. I could go though the blogroll and write something about everyone, but I think I’ll leave it alone for now.

If you can come to CAB 3, please do.


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