Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WV Blogger meet-up with the Charleston Gazette

Some WV bloggers got together at Capitol Roasters today to discuss Jason Keeling's A Better West Virginia project for West Virginia day. Jason sent a email yesterday about the project to the bloggers that attended Saturday's meet-up.
June 16, 2008

Dear W.Va. Bloggers:

Saturday’s meeting to prepare for the June 20 “aBetterWestVirginia Day” blogging project was very productive. After much discussion of West Virginia’s image, attendees recognized our blogging effort should serve to “define West Virginia from the inside out” and create “new stereotypes” of the state.

Your involvement is welcomed, and should you feel compelled, HERE’S THE BREAKDOWN:

· PREPARE a simple blog post that communicates your vision for a “NEW STEREOTYPE” of West Virginia. Feel free to discuss initiatives, events, people, places, opportunities, etc., that help to positively “DEFINE WEST VIRGINIA FROM THE INSIDE OUT.” There are no right/wrong answers. Your individual thoughts and perspective serve as the fuel for this effort.

· PUBLISH your blog post evening of June 19, or preferably, during early morning on June 20.

· NOTIFY me via email (jason@keelingstrategic.com) soon as you’ve posted. I’ll create a central listing of “aBetterWestVirginia Day” blog posts at www.aBetterWestVirginia.com, and news media across the state will be referred there.


Jason Keeling

p.s. – Feel free to circulate this message to other bloggers and know that I am available for your questions/comments.

Today a few of us had a follow-up meet-up where we were interviewed by Sarah K. Winn of the Charleston Gazette.

WV Bloggers Meet-up
Jason Keeling, Sarah K. Winn, and my MacBook Air

WV Bloggers Meet-up
Chip Ellis and Sarah K. Winn

WV Bloggers Meet-up
Sarah K. Winn and Todd Beane

WV Bloggers Meet-up
Bob Coffield and Sarah Cooper

WV Bloggers Meet-up
Emily Bennington and Rick Lee

The story should run in Thursday's Gazette.

Sarah Cooper has already started a discussion about West Virginia stereotypes on her blog.

Update: Rick Lee and Sarah Cooper also have photos. Rick's photos are here. Sarah's photostream is here.


Blogger The Candid Christian said...

That's great news. Thanks for reporting on it.

9:56 PM  
Blogger jtpr said...

I think we're on to something here. It is good to be a West Virginian!

12:16 PM  

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