Saturday, June 14, 2008

Charleston's Underground Kitchen

I've heard rumors and overheard conversations about a underground dining club in Charleston. I just discovered that they are less underground than I first thought. In fact they have a website and a blog.

You can find out how it works at this link, and sign up for the next one by following this link. They also have a recipes page.

They says:
The UNDERGROUND KITCHEN is not a restaurant. It's like a giant dinner party with great friends you haven't met yet. And a surprise menu prepared from local ingredients by hometown gourmands.

They say their first event was a success on all counts:
Our goal was simple: lure unsuspecting charlestonians to an undisclosed location, feed them a delicious meal, and have enough fun that we feel like doing this again. Charleston’s very first UNDERGROUND KITCHEN was a success on all counts.


Blogger underground said...

Thanks for the post, Oncee!

We're gearing up for the next Underground Kitchen dinner on Sat. July 19th, so anyone who's interested should sign up on our site Everyone's welcome-- although we only have 30 seats, first-come, first-serve

Hope to see you there!

2:07 PM  

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