Thursday, November 22, 2007

Disappointed landlords to sell Cazon building

Looks like Cazon will not be reopening.
Samples and co-owner George Manahan, who both run public relations and consulting firms with offices in the building, are asking the building’s appraised value, $3.2 million, Samples said.

“We’re looking for either tenants or partners in the building, or we’ll sell to investors or whoever,” he said. “Our preference is to have a partner or buyer.”

Cazon owner David Mitchell had rented the building’s 3,500-square-foot first floor since July 2006 on a five-year lease, but this summer he stopped paying his rent, Samples said.

Samples said he didn’t know Mitchell’s whereabouts. Mitchell and other Cazon officials did not return calls for comment.

“It went south for him, and it went south for us,” Samples said. “It started to distract us from our primary business.”


Blogger Emily said...

I know it's been awhile, and I don't even live in Charleston anymore, but when I did, Cazon was my favorite place to eat. I would go a few times a week and get their hickory club croissant. Do you have any more info about if Cazon perhaps relocated? I would drive hundreds of miles to have another hickory club croissant, as ridiculous as that sounds.

3:46 PM  
Blogger oncee said...

I'm sorry to say that Cazon has not reopened, and it does not appears they have reopened in another location.

I might be wrong, but I think Cazon is a chain. You might be able to find a Cazon near where you live now.

4:05 PM  

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