Wednesday, June 27, 2007

User Fee

I don't mind the Charleston user fee, but I do mind paying more so the city can install cameras that might make us more safe. I agree with the Charleston Daily-Mail, "City officials need to detail a case that they need another $3 million in revenue." I might be willing to pay more if the mayor and other city officials could give me something more than we need to install cameras all over the city.

A good start would be to keep city parking garages, such as the Summers Street garage, open on Sundays and longer during weekdays. Some people who have to work late for get to move their cars and get stuck in the garage overnight, and it this happens on a Saturday, for the whole day on Sunday and until the garage reopens on Monday morning.

I don't have a problem with another dollar for city projects, but I don't want to write the city a blank check either.


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