Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Three by Dan Gillmor

Dan Gillmore always hits the nail on the head. Dan is a journalist turned blogger that does a better job than anyone when it comes to covering journalism in the blogsphere:

Hypocrisy in the Ranks of the Powerful

It's not just DeLay who's a hypocrite. Turns out that Bush sued a car-rental agency, looking for a deep pocket.

In fact, there's hypocrisy in big amounts from the Republican pols who want to keep government out of our lives or insert it directly into our lives, depending on the circumstances.

AP Won't Say It; Blogger Does

Bruce Schneier, a world-class authority on security-in-technology issues, points out an AP story reporting on the flagrant lies told by the Bush administration's Transportation Safety Administration about its scandalous handling of "private" passenger data. AP won't call the agency's dissembling for what it is -- lying -- but Schneier does.

Another Journalist on the Govt. Payroll

The only word for this latest tale of a journalist on the take from government is "sickening" -- and the question is how many more of these people will be exposed?


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