Saturday, March 26, 2005

Looking forward to time off to finish a few things

I need to finish this music project I started weeks ago. I've been listening to Stomp, and Grace and I think they turned out pretty well. The real problem now is getting the sounds I hear in my head recorded. GarageBand is a great product, but I'm finding some limitations. I hope to have 8 or so tracks when I'm finished.

I will either burn my own CDs and give them away, or sell them at cost via CafePress is cool because they will also print your cover art as well.

As of today three people have heard the first two tracks: me, Blair and misfitina. I burned misfitina a mix CD and threw my tracks in.

Speaking of, I'm thinking about opening an account because I would like to produce an OnceeĀ© messenger bag. Oooh and don't forget OnceeĀ© hooded sweatshirts, boxers, and thongs.


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