Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Parkersburg has an anonymous crocheter

Just saw this story on the Parkersburg News and Sentinel site.
An anonymous crocheter has placed colorful crocheted creations in different spots around town, including in City Park by the horseshoe area on a one-way sign, outside the downtown parking garage on a lightpost and by the Wood County courthouse steps on a directional sign to Blennerhassett Island.

In an e-mail sent to The Parkersburg News and Sentinel this morning, a person claiming to be the artist responsible for these creations describes what she is doing by making Parkersburg cozier.

Her work was created to get people to change the way they think of handicrafts, cozies, graffiti, and light poles.

Each piece has a tag which reads "Public Art Courtesy of Los Crochet Locos" and a web address for a blog about the graffiti cozies.

It's good to see the idea of knitted and crocheted graffiti making it to other cities in West Virginia.


Blogger Evil Twin's Wife said...

I can't find an email address for you, but could you add me to 304 blogs?

The Glamorous Life of a Hausfrau


8:36 AM  
Blogger oncee said...

You're on the list I send to David last night. Hopefully he will have it done over the weekend. Adding blogs to involves some meticulous editing of php scripts, which he must do.

Thanks for you.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Evil Twin's Wife said...

Thanks for your consideration and time. I realize this is a time consuming endeavor for you all. It's much appreciated.

12:15 PM  
Blogger MsJamie said...

You know, wasn't there some kind of crocheted thing on a tree by Taylor Books? May still be, I'll have to look next time I go by.

3:23 PM  

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