Monday, August 14, 2006

Building the Perfect IT Person

eWeek examines the state of IT and looks at what it takes to be the perfect IT person.
Technology certifications matter. Or maybe they don't. Pay is up for IT workers, but many haven't recovered the wages that typified the late '90s. There aren't enough computer science majors in the United States, but the jobs held by the ones we do have here could be outsourced. Corporations want M.B.A. technology managers, but there are shortages of specialized technology skills. Meanwhile, the image of the profession is in the dumps.

Those rip-and-read headlines culled from over the last month paint a confusing picture. Pick a survey—for example, an Aug. 2 compensation study released by Foote Partners, an IT research company in New Canaan, Conn. Wait a few days, and there's bound to be another take on the technology work force that will pop up to counter it.

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