Friday, August 11, 2006

Capitol Street Tibits

* The Steve Payne Photography and Callen McJunkin Gallery at 221 Capitol Street has closed. Sources tell me that Steve has moved into a smaller space here in Charleston.

* This month's Taylor Books newsletter, The Eye, reports The Dresser closed on July 31. Tegan Easterday will be joining the staff of the new Schwabe-May at the new location which was formerly the Steve Panye Gallery.

* Cazon announced new hours last week. They will no longer be open on Saturday. They are open Monday through Friday 10 am - 3 pm.

* Randy Moss plans to open a second smoothie store. The Charleston Urban Renewal Authority board agreed Wednesday to lease the vacant storefront between Capitol City Roasters and First Watch in the city's Summers Street parking garage to a group headed by Moss for an Inta Juice store.

* Banana Joe's is in some hot water with the Alcohol Beverage Control Administration again after a large fight outside the club last weekend.

* Local leaders say Charleston might be stuck with a Capitol Street strip club. New owners, including including a man facing federal tax evasion and fraud charges, took over Capitol City Gold and renamed it Gold Dust last month.

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