Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A funny take on blogging at work

kuro5hin.org: How To Get Rich & Famous By Blogging At Work

Here are the basic points:
  • Blog Everything You Find Annoying About Your Job, No Matter How Small
  • Blog With A Cover Window Ready
  • Stay In The Office 'Rumor Mill'
  • Examine The Contents Of Other People's Desks When They Leave The Office
  • Take Covert Pictures Of Your Co-Workers & Boss For Fun Blog Commentary
  • Hack Into Workplace Computers For Incriminating Evidence
  • Point Out Your Company's Fiscal Weaknesses
  • Refuse To Stop Blogging About Your Work, Even If Threatened With Dismissal

In Conclusion: if you get fired for blogging about your job, sue the bastards on any legal precedent having to do with "Free Speech". Collect the settlement. Find a new job. Blog about your new job. Get fired for blogging. Sue. Collect settlement. Repeat. You'll be rich in no time, and maybe you will have enough funds to start a company of your own! You'll have to hire employees, though...uh, wait a minute...


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