Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Reprimanded for blogging

Technorati censoring employee blogs?

Jason Kottke reports Niall Kennedy posted some propaganda posters from the 40s showing how how corporations would like to control what their employees say on their blogs. His employers, Technorati, made him take it down, then allowed him to repost with a disclaimer: The original post is back up on Niall's site with the following disclaimer: "The commentary expressed on this weblog is my point of view and may not necessarily represent the point of view of Technorati."

This takes the control of employee expression to a whole new level. If you look at Kennedy's blog, it's a personal blog, not unlike my own blog. He is not blogging on the company's dime. He doesn't talk bad about Technorati nor their customers. What is happening to personal expression in this country?


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