Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Smoking Ban

I agree with Dave Hardy: Hardy anxious for total smoking ban
Kanawha County Commissioner Dave Hardy wants a 100 percent smoking ban. No exceptions. Not even for Tri-State Racetrack & Gaming Center.

On Thursday, Hardy plans to ask fellow commissioners to approve a resolution that supports a health department proposal to extend the countywide smoking ban to bars, video-lottery gambling parlors and the racetrack in Nitro.

The Kanawha-Charleston Board of Health is re-examining the county’s smoking regulations for the first time in three years. The County Commission appoints three of the board’s six members and distributes about $200,000 a year to the health department.

“We need to send the Health Board a signal of what the Kanawha County Commission is thinking,” Hardy said Monday. “It’s a move to make all employees have a clean workplace free of secondhand smoke


Blogger stacey said...

While I don't necessarily agree with the ban on smoking, if there is going to be a ban, there needs to be a complete ban. No more of this pandering. Now, I don't smoke, but I can appreciate the trouble that introducing these bans causes. Ok, someone has an addiction to cigarettes. Its not that different from someone who has a caffeine addiction, or a sugar addiction, or any other addiction of something that can be obtained legally, and used legally. It's really infringing on these folks rights. I can't stand smoking, and don't like to be around it, but these are human beings just like me and they should have equal rights. Just my two cents.

1:47 PM  
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