Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Capitol Street Bar: Impulse

I welcome the promise of a smoke-free bar that plays dance music in walking distance of my house.
Now Amores wants to bring the sophistication of Miami nightclubs to Charleston.

A non-smoking establishment, Amores said Impulse would attract an older crowd looking for a quieter, more relaxing affair compared to other city nightspots.

"The city is missing an upscale place for people to come, relax and dance after dinner or a movie," she said. "Some place that's a little more sophisticated, where people won't feel out of place."

The floor plan will include a dance floor and leather couches with tables for guests to lounge. Amores is also planning a VIP section for the second floor.

"It will be a nice, secluded, private out of the way place for people to enjoy," she said. "But I haven't decided what people will need to get in there."

I hope she fairs better than the previous establishments in that locations.
Over the years, a series of ventures has come and gone. Muldoon's pub, Rio Grande, Azteca Mexican Restaurant, A Taste of Italy and the Liquid nightclub all have occupied -- and then vacated -- the spacious location near the corner of Capitol and Quarrier streets.

I remember eating at Danny Jones' restaurant at that location in the 80s.
Jones is familiar with the location and all the entrepreneurial struggles that have occurred there. In 1988, Jones leased the space for his own eatery, Danny's Restaurant. The restaurant closed in 1990.

"The crime was so bad there," Jones said. "I just decided it wasn't worth it."

I wonder if she'd let me DJ. I have hours of House, Rave, and Techno music on my iPod.

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Blogger Nise said...

I for one would LOVE to see a place that caters to adults who choose to behave as adults.

I'm also realistic. WV is NOT "open for business" and Charleston may as well adopt the criteria as well, since every year brings more reasons NOT to do business within the city limits.

12:17 PM  
Blogger Joshua Perdue said...

Oncee: the sophisticated DJ.

4:13 PM  

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