Monday, July 31, 2006

Fifth Column has a scoop

Hippie Killer has an unnamed source who has written an unauthorized version of what happened at the Bush fundraiser in South Hills last week.

Update: The official version of the visit from the hostess is here.

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Blogger Charles said...

Gosh, what a lovely nonprejudicial account of what the event was really like. It's good to know that we have such deep thinkers in the blogging community.

1:31 PM  
Blogger lechatnoir said...

My dear charles,
If you are new to the local blogging community, I'll give you some advice: please do not look to fifth column for hard-news-sans-satire. Perhaps you could have figured that out after reading its ultra savory headline names? Just to point a couple out, "Why,William Stewart has sand in his vagina!" or "HOLY F***ING S**T" are two faves.
The tone of the article matches the tone of the blog (there's a cleaned up version on my little piece of web It was supposed to be a humorous account of something that wasn't funny to experience.
I don't blame anyone except the RNC and the direct employees of the White House. Because it was a fund drive for Shelley Moore-Capito however, I think her camp needs to share the blame for abusing the handful of people who were with me. I know for a fact that the people in attendence were unaware of what goes on behind the smoke and mirrors of a political function. I myself was not aware-- I would never have accepted a job (nor would the others)that would have me trapped on a city bus in 90+ degree weather without as much as a fan for 10 minutes (and remember, we were there for 2 hours).
I understand if you don't get the way we young people write, being that you and my dad are the same age. As for deep thoughts- if this happened to your daughter, you might not vote for S.M.C. this fall. My dad's certainly not (and for the record, he's a raging republican).

10:25 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

Thanks for looking out for me lechatnoir, but my point was not the writing style. I just find it interesting when someone goes into a situation with such prejudice that they can't help but see what they expect to see.

I'm a life-long Democrat so I'm certainly not defending the RNC or White House staff, but ascribing political affiliation to the behavior of people toward "the hired help" is, forgive me, small-minded. I would imagine a similar DNC event to be remarkably the same to to a fair-minded person. Rudeness is not a unique hallmark of any political group. It is a weak person's imitation of power.

If we were to withold our votes from every politician whose staff had treated people rudely I'm afraid we would have no one in office today. Hey, maybe that wouldn't be so bad!

1:36 PM  
Blogger lechatnoir said...

"Rudeness is not a unique hallmark of any political group. It is a weak person's imitation of power."

I agree 100%.

The version of the story on my blog starts out with my political affiliation. I felt it was important to state my independent status (although I am currently grasping straws as a mountain party girl!) for many reasons. Mainly I am stating the obvious fact that I must vote on a republican ballot during the primary election.

I make no bones about my dislike for the current presidential administration, mainly because I can, but really because THAT was the reason I was hesitant in accepting the job, not because it was a republican function.

Most of the RNC reps and White House staff seemed to be around my age and I'm sure they bring their abuse of power wherever they go, mainly because they can. It doesn't mean it's right or excusable though. They are, after all, representing their entire political party and the prez directly. I'll add the attendee who called me a "dumb b**ch" was also around my age, but representing the party nonetheless.

Another point I'd like to make is if this happened to be a DNC function and the same "s" happened, I'd tell the story the same way... just changing out the elephants for the donkeys.

Another way to look at this is... before I married, I was a waitress in a few local joints. I don't mind telling my husband about the people who treated me poorly as a waitress and sweetly when he introduces me as his wife. How someone treats "the hired help" is a true test of character in my opinion.

Because this was a fundraiser for one specific person, everything that went on at that event reflects that person in a very direct way.

3:50 PM  

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