Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina: It's Not Just The Media -- The Frustration "Goes To The Core"

TVNewser brings us this conversation with Katrina victim Trent Lott, as told to Anderson Cooper.
"I talked to a politician today, a senator, and he's very nice and I respect a lot of what he's doing. He has suffered personally a loss in this. But I asked him, you know, were resources deployed to Iraq that, if they weren't deployed to Iraq, would they be here? And he said, That's just a question the media is asking.

And you know, I actually said to him, You know what? That's not a question the media is asking, that's a question Charles Kierney, a guy who came up to me today white-hot with anger, whose home has been destroyed-- that's the question he wanted me to ask.

You know people are just frustrated they're not getting answers, and I get that. And you know what? It's not even frustration, it's anger. You know, people aren't frustrated. A lot of politicians will tell you, Well, you know, I understand the frustration of people here.

People aren't frustrated, people are dying. People are dead and people are dying in New Orleans, and that's not-- you know, it goes much deeper than frustration, it goes to the core."


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