Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What this state needs is a good teachers strike

For the first time since 1990, teachers are taking about walking out unless their demands for more money are met.

The president of the West Virginia Education Association warned yesterday that throwing teachers a one-time, $1000 bone will not be enough, Charles Delauder, president of the WVEA said yesterday at a press conference. They want a 15 percent pay raise package. The WVEA would like some of the money to come from reallocating some of the state school aid formula.

The WVEA will be asking for a three-year package of 6 percent this year, 5 percent next year, and 4 percent for 2007-2008. The total cost the state would be $210 million, according to the WVEA own figures. Legislators have allocated about $65 million for teacher raises.

David Haney, WVEA director, told the Charleston Gazette the pay package would raise state teacher salaries from 47th in the nation to somewhere in the mid-30s.

I took a lot of flack for not supporting the 1990 teacher walkout. While I'm all for people being paid a living wage, threats of a walk out are a little heavy-handed and will garner no favor in the public eye.


Blogger Pissed Off Hillbilly said...

Fire 'em all. And then tell them, "Oh by the way, you know that underfunded retirement you belong to? We can't pay you that either. Sorry."
Or send the State Police to the teachers' homes and arrest them for participating in an illegal strike.
WV teachers are 10th in the nation in pay when cost of living is taken into account.

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