Thursday, August 18, 2005

A murder at Teany

New York blogs break a murder story
The latest example of citizen newsgathering: At 9 am this morning, there was a stabbing murder at Teany, the teahouse owned by Moby in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Yet by 3:41 pm, as Rachel at FishbowlNY reports, no local papers had posted any news on their websites. The only news came via several blogs -- including a first-person account from a blogger named Sarah, a piece and a photo (which I've used above) of the crime scene on Gawker, and a note on Gothamist. Granted, this isn't terribly in-depth newsgathering -- the Gothamist posting merely pointed to the Gawker entry. But the comments are quite interesting...

I hate this for Moby. He is so proud of Teany. The Teany cookbook is wonderful, as well.


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