Sunday, July 24, 2005

Oncee and the panhandler-Part 2

I reader wrote me to say: "isnt panhandling illegal in the city? or does charleston have such a law.."

My response: "Panhandling is illegal in most cities. So is drinking in public, smoking crack and making loud noise all night, but people in my 'hood continue to do it."

On July 4, I watched a man break a cue stick being used as flag pole over another man's head on the transit mall.

Three weeks ago I watched a group of people play dice on the transit mall.

Four years a ago I had to call the police to report four men beating a teenager on Fife Street. I got scared when they started kicking him in the head.

People drink beer from open containers nearly every day along Summers Street. I've also seen people smoking pot openly.

They would probably call the police on me if I went to where they lived and caused this kind of trouble.


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