Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ten of Thousand of Hippies Decend on Cranberry Mountain

Metro News: The Voice of West Virginia
(West Virginia Metro News)

Tens of thousand of hippies that are expect to converge on some of the most fragile areas of West Virginia.

West Virginia Metro News reports many of the hippies have already begun to gather near Cranberry Mountain and Cranberry Glades, the largest area of bogs in West Virginia. Bogs are acidic wetlands more commonly found in the northern areas of this country Canada, and Scotland. The bogs are so fragile that they are only accessible via a boardwalk and designated trails. You are not allowed to wonder the glades on your own. Yet they allow tens of thousand of hippies to camp there.

The National Forest Service asked the group to move last week because of environmental concerns. A site for the gathering in Randolph County was rejecting because of federal officials concerns regarding five different endangered species in the area.

Cranberry Glades is a federally protected botanical area. It is the home to unusual plants and animal, some are not seen this far below the arctic circle. Could they not find a big field someplace else?


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Damn dirty hippies.

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