Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Blogger Burnout

Slashdot | The Rise and Fall of Blogs takes a look at the current state of blogging: ""Blogs have revolutionized information delivery. They not only made the world much more smaller, but a lot more personal, united and un-afraid as well. Events like the September 11 attacks and the Iraq invasion made news channels take a back seat. Wired claimed blogs to be what Napster was to music. They even have a wager on Weblogs outranking the New York Times Web site by 2007. People got paid to blog. Then they got fired for that. Some lost money for blogging their ideas. Most just hand out links these days. When was the last time your favorite blogger talked sense? Have blogs reached a saturation point? Blogging burnout is a humorous look at the rise and fall of weblogs."

Alpha geek Wil Wheaton says he is suffering from blogger burnout: "'ve also read and thought about another blogger I respect, Tony Pierce. Tony recently wrote a great post about what happens when bloggers experience blogger burnout. At one time or another, I have been guilty of every single entry on his list, right up until today. Starting right now, I will change that. I don't think everyone is going to be happy with these changes, but I think that will say more about the individual than it does about me. In fact, if you see me as a fellow blogger, writer, stepparent, privacy advocate, spouse, pet owner, poker player, [whatever] aficionado, geek, or human being, I'm pretty sure you're going to understand all of these things. As a matter of fact, if these changes upset or offend you, you should probably not be reading WWdN in the first place, and I hope you'll leave."

I've been blogging since 1999. Oncee's first law of blogging is, "When it stops being fun stop." I've only really faced blogger burn out once: during the great Blogathon of 2003.


Blogger Lawbot said...

Oh man, I am so there.

Even posting this comment is wearing me out.

12:30 PM  
Blogger Nic Dafis said...

Hope that's not going to put you off doing the Blogathon this year.

8:22 AM  
Blogger oncee said...

I've changed jobs, so I'm not sure I can make the time to do the Blogathon this year. If I can, I will.

8:39 AM  

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