Friday, June 03, 2005

Ezboard Inc. Victim Of Vicious DOS Attack

Ezboard Inc. Victim Of Vicious Internet Attack

There are many unanswered questions surrounding this underreported story.
Ezboard systems touted as the "largest online community network site on the planet", was virtually brought to its knees Tuesday as the result of "a very precise and malicious internet attack resulting in the loss of a significant amount of current and historical board postings and interrupted services across all systems", according to Ezboards' CEO, Robert Labatt's message to Ezboard members.

It's unclear how a denial of service attack would effect back-ups of data unless they were not completed in the first place.
Tuesday's attack caused denial of service errors throughout the system and affected millions of users across approximately 9,000 message boards. The attack resulted in massive data loss, both current and historical from message boards within the system. Many Boards also lost accumulated monetary funds stored within their communities that is used toward Board subscription services.

Or why some data is deemed safe while other data is gone forever.
abatt is ensuring Ezboards members that their personal information including credit card info remains safe and was not touched during the attack.

Most data using best practices should be on back-up tape, or other removable media. That tape should be archived on at least a weekly basis and stored offsite. One has to wonder about a company that would place fast and lose with customer's data, especially a paid service.

Service has been restored, but a lot of data is gone forever.
Most message boards were accessible within several hours of the initial attack yesterday and Board owners are currently assessing the amount of data loss in their communities. Ezboards is warning their members that although they will do their best in restoring lost data, complete data restoration may not be possible. Repairs will be underway for the next week to 10 days.


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