Monday, May 02, 2005

NYT: Growth of Wi-Fi Opens New Path for Thieves

Slashdot: Growth of Wi-Fi Opens New Path for Thieves

Slashdot has posted a story that makes good follow-up reading to my WiFi security rant:
Posted by CowboyNeal on Saturday March 19, @01:35PM
from the high-tech-breakins dept.
E. Harley writes "Wi-Fi connections are popping up all over the place from retails locations, schools, municipalities, and homes. Unintentionally or not, most of these wi-fi hot spots never change the system's default settings, hide the connection from others, or encrypt the data sent over it. This NY Times article [Free registration required] talks about the size and extent of the problem, and what has happened with law enforcement investigating criminals using these public connections. Also, the article updates us on an earlier Slashdot story about wardriving. That case is still pending."


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