Saturday, January 15, 2005

La Conchita

I posted link to a picture that Doc Searls took of the La Conchita mudslide that really helped to put the disaster into prospective. Doc now reports that he lost a friend of a friend.

Turns out friends of friends — people we've hung out and partied with — are among the dead in La Conchita. Clan Destino's whole site is now dedicated to the memories of Charlie Womack, the Wallet family (only two out of six survived) and others in this little community by the sea.

There's an overlap between Clan Destino and Burning Man. If we go back far enough, I wouldn't be surprised to find more ovelaps between both and the Mountain Road community that thrived above Santa Barbara before the Coyote Fire wiped most of it out in 1964. There are threads here... good people, high times, great art, sweet community, dangerous places... I dunno. Right now it's just so sad.

Doc's post is here.


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