Saturday, January 15, 2005

LiveJournal back up for some...

but not me.

We are bringing as much of the site back online as we can, though some database clusters will remain unavailable while we continue to recover from backups (Where am I?).

These are the clusters that will be temporarily down, as well as the times we expect to have them back online:

FiletMignon: 7PM PST
MadCow: 4AM PST

While we do not anticipate any major data loss, please contact LiveJournal Support in the event there is anything missing from your journal. We have tools to recover missing data from backups, if necessary.

I think I'm on MadCow, so no LiveJournal for me. I logged off, but it looks like no free user support. Based on the above estimate it looks like LiveJournal should be back to normal by Sunday morning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tuscendi here again - I just discovered, after a snooze, that LJ is coming back. Yay! But I'm on madcow, too. Frustrating, but now at least there's hope. The LJ staff must be exhausted at this point.

10:04 PM  

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