Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fine dining in Craigsville

The Charleston Gazette - Food & Dining - There's fine dining in the pastures of Nicholas County. I hope to try this place soon.
(Bloody Butcher corn has been grown by the Meadows family for seven generations, ever since an ancestor brought some home when she escaped from Indian captivity. The Meadowses grew it every year, made corn bread or slopped it to the hogs. Then several West Virginia chefs suggested that the cornmeal be ground finer, for polenta. Now The Greenbrier and other fine restaurants offer it on their menus.)

Lunches include rosemary foccacia topped by a mix of portabellas and goat cheese with drizzles of honey and balsamic vinegar. Salads come with a variety of dressings, including their own strawberry vinaigrette.

And there's that famous Bloody Butcher polenta - with a twist: Riffle mixes it with goat cheese, then saut├ęs it in garlic butter. There are sandwiches, wraps and burgers, including one with a half-pound of buffalo meat.

Lunch desserts include sister Susie's double-layer double chocolate cake, and family patriarch Edgar Meadows' favorite, the banana creme tort, with flaky pastry and strawberry sauce.

But we came at sundown, when the Greek salad caught the eye of our friend, who shared it with me. Red onion, kalamatas, feta and romaine all made a pleasant start for her raspberry creme lamb chops.


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