Friday, January 20, 2006

This is not turning out to be a very good year for mine safety

ABC News is reporting two miners are missing in a Logan County mine after a fire broke out underground.

Google News has all the coverage links.

Update: The Charleston Gazette - Fire strikes Logan mine

Later: So much of this story sounds heartbreakingly familiar.

From the Charleston Gazette story:
Family members of the Logan County mine employees were gathering inside the Bright Star Freewill Baptist Church in Melville. Manchin said he had spoken with them.

“All we can do is give comfort and hope while they’re hoping to save them,” he said.

A couple-hundred yards from the church, a crowd of several-dozen people was gathered outside the offices of Badger Lumber and Dingess-Rum Properties. Some of the people in the crowd wore miners’ gear; others looked like they had just been roused from bed.


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