Tuesday, January 10, 2006

MacWorld keynote wrap-up

The MacWorld keynote ended at about 2 p.m. today, and there were a couple of things that didn't appear.

First no Intel-based iBook. While we will see all Macs get Intel inside this year, I wanted it now.

Where are the price drops. The new iMacs and Powerbook - ok MacBooks - are the same price as the non-Intel-based iMacs and Powerbooks.

Dan Gillmor points out new MacBook Pro ships without a modem, which isn't a big deal for me since I can't recall the last time I used a modem. You can get a modem as a $49 add-on.

Jason Kottke posts an open letter to open letter to Apple.
From: jason@kottke.org
Subject: Powerbook support
Date: January 10, 2006 4:55:31 PM ET
To: Apple Tech Support


I purchased a new Powerbook three weeks ago. It was working fine until a few hours ago when you announced the new Intel-powered MacBook Pro at MacWorld and I started to cry. "Four to fives times faster," I sobbed, "a built-in iSight, and a brighter, wider screen."


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