Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Do links equal traffic?

I got another link via Doc Searls on June 1. I need to go back and check the traffic. Don Suber and Rick Lee got links too.

Doc says:

People tell me the number counts here have to be low. (One blogger tells me, "My blog gets five thousand visits a day. How could yours only get half of that or less?) Maybe because it's not as popular as some people like to think.
 There are two main audience measures in radio ratings: Average Quarter Hour (AQH) and Cume. One measures current listening, the other measures cumulative listening.
 Since this blog has been in one place for a long time (5.5 years), and it's been pointed at a lot by sources that mostly haven't moved, it has accumulated a lot of inbound links. That's what puts it at #18 in the Technorati Top 100. That's a very nice Cume.
 But the daily count has run from a few hundred to a few thousand ever since I started looking, about five years ago. That's a lot more than most, but a lot less than quite a few. In other words, the AQH is respectable, but not A-list, by a long shot. That's confirmed by Bloglines' current Top 200.
 Which is fine with me. In fact, I like it that way. I'd rather the blog be a respectable resource than popular "desination."

Thanks Doc for the link. I'll take your blog over Glenn Reynolds' any day of the week.


Blogger DonSurber said...

Links are nice. Hits are nice. Comments are nice.
But the blogosphere is small. Top four blogs according to TTLB equal 1 million hits a day. Big whoop. 30 million watch ABC-CBS-NBC nightly news. Fox News draws 2 1/2 million in prime. We still sell 100 million newspapers a day.
I blog. It's a hobby. DJs often have ham radios

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