Friday, August 05, 2005

Free Software for Help Desk, Asset Management, and IT Inventory

ilient Sys Aid
is a great free (as in beer) program for Help Desk, Asset Management, and IT Inventory. The free version is limited to two administrators and a limited number of users, but should be of some use to those on a network of less than 100 users. The documentation is great.

The free version sports a build-in database, but it can be scaled to run on MS-SQL or MYSQL.

Administrators and users interface with the program via web browser.

There are a number of help desk software solutions out there. Many are free, but none come with an interface as slick as Sys Aid.

Features include:
* View the details (such as hardware, software, and manufacturer) of computers, printers, and other assets on your network.
* List, sort, and search through your network's computers, printers, and other assets.
* Remote control PCs on your network.
* Print reports on your network's PC inventory, hardware/software, catalog items, and more.
* Communicate with users via Email, SMS, and instant messages.
* Manage your organization's help desk.
* Receive free support and updates for six months.


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