Thursday, July 21, 2005

$1M a year in Google Adsense

$1M a year in Google Adsense (or why 2,739 is my favorite number) - The Jason Calacanis Weblog - _

If back in September when we started playing with Google Adsense someone told me it would turn into a $1M a year business I would have laughed. A million bucks without a sales person? Give me a break!

However, yesterday we broke our $2,100 record with a $2,335 day. That’s an impressive number I know, because if we can take that number to $2,739.72 we’re at—wait for it—$1M a year.

For some perspective, take a look at some averages:

January we did $580 a day on average.
March was a $737 a day average.
May was a $1,585.57 average.

Gee, I need to become a Weblogs, Inc. blogger.


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