Thursday, May 12, 2005

WV Bloggers 130th base closing round-up

Jim Blake at Sanity - The Last Frontier says: "I always have mixed thoughts about base closures. That is because of my background, I suppose. On the one hand it concentrates the military community into fewer locations and makes them easier targets. On a personal level, relocation of military personnel can often cause a financial hardship on those moving, particularly if they relocate from somewhere like Charleston to somewhere like San Diego or Washington, DC."

Hippie Killer at Fifth Column uses an "All Your Base are Belong to us" photo to make his point:
It a fair guess that most of the 3000 people who are employed in some capacity by the West Virginia Air National Guard base in Charleston voted for Bush.

I wonder how they feel now?

Don Surber says this is a case of Save Our Pork Barrel


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