Tuesday, March 22, 2005

It's about time

Ex-Miss West Virginia files suit over sex tape

Not only have porn sites violated her privacy, they have also defamed her. New lawyers have to undergo an ethics review at bar exam time. This situation will cause her a lot of headaches. The damage has already been done.
Williams’ lawsuit names 59 defendants in the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Cayman Islands, Canada and South Africa who allegedly took part in distributing the videos. She is seeking damages and injunctive relief.

Williams, 23, is a West Virginia University law student and was Miss West Virginia in 2003. Last fall, videos began to surface on Internet Web sites showing a woman said to be Williams engaged in sex in the back of a television news truck. Many of the sites said the video was shot while Williams was working as a television reporter in Virginia.

However, Williams said she never worked as a television reporter and never lived in Virginia.

Williams has blond hair, while the woman in the videos appears to be a brunette. Some of the Internet sites juxtaposed legitimate photographs of Williams alongside pictures taken from the videos, and some of the images were allegedly altered to make the woman in the videos look more like Williams.

I wrote about this story before here, here, and here.


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